Brad Holton


 I Am

I am a husband, father and grandfather. I am a man of God. I am thankful to be an American. I am a lifelong resident of Canyon County. I have been a business owner since the early seventies. I am an employer, the chairman of a non profit and a pilot. I am a public servant.

My Family

I have been happily married to my best friend

Laura for 43 years and we have two children who are married. We have four grandchildren.

We also have a fun, furry, four legged family member, Irish Wolfhound!

I am an active member of a local congregation and also involved in the greater denominational organization in the Northwest.

I want to acknowledge that my country and the sacrifices made for it have allowed me to pursue my dreams. The rights afforded to us through our constitution make us a great nation.


I have enjoyed living in Canyon County in an agricultural area. For years I have taken time off and worked short term for local farmers. Staying connected to agriculture has been a joy in my life.


I am a business owner and employer, producing products that are sold around the world. I deal with cash flow, payroll and provide a flourishing environment for my employees.


I have the privilege of being the chairman of a non-profit Christian camping organization, working with a broad spectrum of talented individuals to provide a place of rest and rejuvenation for all ages and denominations.


I believe that being a good neighbor means giving back to the community and I find I do this best by being a public servant. I have held the office of Mayor for 23 years and would like the opportunity to serve the residents of Canyon County as County commissioner.


  • Life-long resident of Canyon County and local small business owner for more than 43 years.


  • Currently serving his 23rd year as mayor of Greenleaf:    

  • Following a restart of Greenleaf City government in June 2004 I was appointed Mayor. Then re-elected three additional four year terms.i am currently serving my third year in this current four year term.


  • Endorsed and encouraged to run for Commissioner by all four Greenleaf City Council members and all city staff.


  • Following City contract staff (serving in the Idaho National Guard) who were involved in the devastation by hurricane Katrina (2005), I have been a consistent proponent of emergency preparation to teach citizens of Greenleaf how to shelter in place in case of emergency. I work  with our Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), the Department of Homeland Security, and neighboring cities to educate the community on emergency preparedness.

  • Active member and officer of the Treasure Valley Partnership of Mayors and County Commissioners from Ada, Canyon and Owyhee Counties.

  • Participant in Lower Boise Watershed Council.


  • Experienced in making legislative and executive decisions and running public meetings.


  • Oversees multiple budgets and payrolls in private business, non-profit and tax payers funds.


  • Experienced in working with various governmental agencies.


  • Works with neighboring cities to reduce overall costs and share workforce when possible.

  • Fulfilling the duties of a small-town mayor for so many years is one of the most transparent and accountable roles of public service.




  • Our high property taxes


  • The unprecedented growth in Canyon County

  • Protecting and enhancing our agricultural community.


  • Helping the county to operate efficiently and effectively while encouraging good economic development.


  • I personally practice integrity and value civil responsibilities, seeking to treat everyone as fairl possible.


Some of the concerns I am looking forward to addressing are...



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